Monday, 13 June 2016

FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai

Worried about hair loss?
You must not be worried about your hair loss and hair thinning issue in this technological age. The experts and specialists have made it possible by using different technologies in every field of life and in result they came up with hair a transplant technique which is going to provide best possible solution to hair loss victim. The FUE hair restoration in Dubai is considered to be the most real technique for treating hair loss issues.

If you are looking to benefit from hair restoration, FUE hair transplant in Dubai could be the best bet for you. Let’s peak in a little into the matter. Hair restoration in Dubai is an excellent way to counter hair fall and get the hair back on the scalp. Hair transplants are the best option to restore a fuller head of hair as they provide with hair which stays permanently on the scalp and does not undergo further loss. 

Hair transplant techniques have evolved greatly over the years and newer and better methods have come to fore. FUE hair transplant in Dubai is probably the best option as it offers the best bang for your buck. It has been around for a decade and still is going strong. Its results are excellent and it wouldn’t kill your bank account. Let’s learn a bit more about the Follicular Unit Extraction

The procedure:

FUE, like any other hair transplant surgery, starts with numbing down of the scalp. Follicles are collected with a pneumatic punch from the back and sides of the scalp. These follicles are usually 1mm in thickness and are ready to be transplanted.
The surgeon makes incisions in the recipient area and later places these follicles into these incisions with the help of micro grafting technique. Finer follicles are placed in the hairline while thicker ones are placed in the mid region of the scalp for the purpose of volume building. 


The downtime is minimal in case of FUE Hair Restoration. A rest of 3 to 5 days is just enough to recover from the surgery, though it is not a bad idea to take a few extra days off to recover completely. It is also important that you follow the instructions by the doctor to ensure that recovery stays on course.

The results:

The results of FUE Hair Transplant are fantastic as most of the grafts grow out successfully. The rate of success is much higher than the FUT Hair Transplant. The cost of the treatment is lower than the more modern techniques and the difference of results is not that massive.

For more details or to schedule an FUE Hair Transplant surgery in Dubai, contact Dubai Hair Club today and get the surgery done by one of the best and highly skilled hair transplant surgeons in UAE.


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