Saturday, 29 July 2017

PRP treatment for hair loss in Dubai

PRP an opportunity for hair loss sufferers…

PRP therapy offers opportunity for hair growth for the patients who are not the candidates for surgery or for the patients who are waiting for non-surgical treatment for hair. PRP is the treatment that is performed within a same day. 

PRP therapy is a treatment for hair loss which involves with drawl of one’s own blood then some processing is done so that in result only enriched platelet rich plasma or enriched cell remains while injecting to the scalp. PRP is a treatment that contains proteins which helps in stimulating natural hair growth.At our PRP hair treatment center we have been carrying out therapy as a practical option for patients of hair loss. It is an exciting non-surgical treatment option for especially those who don’t want to get surgical hair treatments for their hair loss issues.

Recent scientific research provides new considerations of wound and tissue healing. As a result we distinguish PRP an all-natural medical procedure done in general practitioner office for hair, scalp and skin stimulation.

How does PRP work?
Our human plasma contains some vital and exact growth factors that assist in tissue renewal. It has been used as a medicinal therapy for over two periods and has recognized itself to be the actual therapy as a healing treatment in the specialty arenas of surgical repair and skin grafting etc. In the field of hair restoration, PRP therapy is supported as a promising treatment to promote hair growth. 

How do you perform the PRP procedure?
Blood is drawn alike you are consuming routine blood testing at surgeon’s workplace. The PRP is then parted and removed from the blood. PRP is specifically equipped by circling down the blood cells to high concentration. A block known as anesthesia block is given to nerves of scalp so that patient does not feel any kind of pain. The vastly concerted PRP is then inserted to the scalp then patient’s hair is washed and after all this he or she may drive home without any delay. No medication is given during the procedure because PRP itself contains the growth factor that stimulates the hair follicles development. Some of the patients use to have hair therapy procedure after three months.

PRP result:
Individual results vary with every hair loss patient. It guarantees the success that increases the respond towards PRP therapy. PRP is an emerging non-surgical hair loss therapy which gives natural hair stimulation for thinning hair and baldness. 

Who should not have PRP treatment?
Person with history of smoking and drugs cannot have the hair treatments and if they want so then must consult physician first.

Is PRP for me?
PRP is being used as medical and other surgical disciplines for many years. Deciding to have PRP is a personal decision that should be made carefully after careful research and consultation with a doctor. PRP is natural and a safer procedure as it is taking one’s own blood that is injected back to the area where needed.
There is totally no chance of getting any kind of body fluid infection. For more info visit:

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Hair Transplant in Dubai- An Overview

hair transplant in dubai
Hair grows all over on the skin except on few parts of body like foot and hand palms, but there are many hairs that are almost invisible. Each hair growing on a skin has its own life-cycle that can be influenced by the disease, age or some other factors.
Dubai hair transplantation center is an expert institution that is offering services for several years. It has specialization on hair dealings especially hair transplants with its best expert staff who has achieved thousands of hair transplantation successfully.

Why to choose hair transplant in Dubai?
1.       Hair transplantation usually made by our UAE’s experts and plastic surgeons.
2.       The hair transplant treatment is done through verified scientific approaches.
3.       Hair transplant FUE treatment cannot be fully applied in most of the countries but in Dubai, the treatment is applied by our experts under sterilized and safe conditions.
4.       Guaranteed 100% natural appearance is offered by our professionals both in donor and transplantation areas.
5.       Affordable cost for treatment.

Hair Transplantation:
Hair transplantation in other words hair planting is the operation of extracting the hair follicle from permanent or thick area of scalp and implantation of these follicles in rare or complete hair less areas. By the use of modern technology, the hair transplantation treatment gives natural appearance to the one,which in result makes the one feel better and confident.
Nowadays, serious majority of the men and women elder than 30 are suffering from the hair loss and baldness issues. So, it is not shocking that hair planting is the leading improving surgical procedure for both men and women.

Hair transplantation application is to provide natural appearance and healthy hair with modern medical methods. For permanent hair restoration we are providing two hair transplantation methods in which FUT or strip method is a surgical operation which takes four hours in which a strip of thick hair is taken out from the scalp and then sectioned to micro grafts and after that, these are transplanted back to the thinning and bald areas of scalp to allow hair restoration. The main plus point of this procedure is that it does not require any special care after the transplant treatment. The next procedure is FUE which is the recommended hair transplantation method that is a minimally invasive operation in which follicle is harvested individually from the areas of body where hair growth is thick like chest, arms and legs. The one can resume to the normal activities after the hair transplant surgery.

Are women eligible for hair transplantation?
Yes, why not? If they have thin hair or they are suffering from baldness issues and there is no other dealing for their hair then they need to go for hair transplantation.

Is hair transplantation treatment painful?
No, this treatment itself is painless and one best thing is that doctors always provide pre and post antibiotic pills to the patient.

Friday, 14 July 2017

PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

Platelet Rich Plasma:

Copious has been on paper for about platelet rich plasma for past several years and is known to be the most effective treatment for injured patients. Many famous athletes, different famous celebrities and several others have gone through the procedure of PRP for different problems. The hair loss is of different types like hair thinning, baldness and many different other problems that can be solved easily by the use of different medicines and treatments. Almost 90% of the patients have declared that PRP is the best and top solution for hair loss. Even though PRP treatment has received much popularity but, still there are many questions about it for example:
1.       What actually Platelet Rich Plasma is?
2.       How does it work?
3.       Is the PRP Effective for both male and female?
All the answers are given in detail. Continue reading.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma PRP?
PRP is the short name of platelet rich plasma that contains the use of person’s own blood for treatment. Plasma is no doubt a liquid that contains small mechanisms. The platelets are also known as the best for their prominence in clotting blood. Platelet however, also contains many proteins known as growth factors that are very communal for curing injuries. PRP is plasma that comprises many more platelets which are generally found in blood. The concentration of plasma and the concentration of progression factors can be 5 to 10 times superiorto usual. 

How does Platelet Rich Plasma in UAE Work?
It is very clear by the question that how PRP works. Laboratories study has shown that the increased rate of growth factors in PRP can speed up the healing process. PRP is carefully injected to an area of scalp or an injured area. The pain may increase for 1 to 2 weeks but, after that one will definitely feel a beneficial result.
For some injuries, PRP may also be used to improve the healing after the surgery. Healing can easily be treated by PRP during the surgery as well. 

The answer is YES!  PRP treatment for hair loss in Dubai is providing best and effective results for both male and female. Research studies in Kuwait are currently being conducted to judge the effectiveness and advancement of PRP treatment and have reported that PRP is the most effective treatment for hair loss.
The best benefit one can get from this treatment is that its risks are minimal with no infection or swelling. If you are going for hair treatment first consult the best surgeons in Dubai talk to them, tell about your hair condition they will guide you properly and then must choose the right treatment for yourself and we are sure the treatment would be none other than PRP.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Best Hair Transplant in Dubai

Hair loss is a main issue that is faced by more or less 90% of the people of domain. Many of them feel self-conscious and they even don’t look for a treatment but, many people go for the best hair treatments in Dubai.

False impression about hair loss and Baldness:

The most famous and common thing about hair loss is that cutting of a locks or to short hair length provides strong point to the hair. The point is that when a hair is short then it is not easy to see hair fall but as soon as length of hair is getting long then obviously it can be alarming.

True factors of baldness:

 The leading purpose to hair loss and baldness in one can be inborn and hereditary issues. There are a number of causes that leads hair loss to baldness too and these hair loss issues include bad health, diseases of many kinds, infection, use of medication, stress, thyroid and much more. Our hair transplant doctors in Dubai are examining each and every hair loss patient that is suffering from hair loss and baldness.

Best promising Treatments for hair loss in UAE:

1.       Medications:

There are indefinite products and medications that can help the one to get heavy and natural hair back.

2.       Hair Replacement techniques:

These hair replacement techniques are non-surgical methods in which artificial hair supplements are very famous. This is in reality not your hair and it does not grow. It is lavish to maintain the hair piece and at times can create distressing situation for an individual.

What is the best solution for hair fall?

Hair transplantation is,for sure a process that is also known as the best and enduring hair loss solution to hair loss and baldness. Hair transplantation includes a strip of healthy hair that is taken out from scalp of one’s head and is then placed to the receiver area of scalp so that new hair growth will start after relocation. The major benefit of hair transplantation is that it is done by specialized doctor and experts of Dubai and without any discomfort that is why all the patients are moving to UAE for their hair treatment.
The procedure almost takes 3 to 4 hours while you are relaxing and sometimes watching TV. The one can also go back to its regular routine right after the technique.

When new hair will grow?

The new hair growth will start after 3 to 4 months. 

Would your hair look natural?

Our Dubai clinic team comprises of experts and specialists of hair loss treatment. They also have best team of nurses and their creative talent will show you the best results with non-detectable hair line.

Goals of hair transplantation treatment:

FUT is basically a strip based technique that needs to be performed in a very careful manner with top known surgeons of the world. It is also true that there are a lot of misconceptions about hair transplants but believe us, we as Dubai experts are going to make your hair like “dream come true”. You must consult the best top surgeons that will give you complete know how about your hair condition and also they are going to enlighten the facts. We always welcome you all and we guarantee you for the results. 

In humble words, the hair after the treatment goes on forever and it is yours and is what you imagined of. You can cut your new hair and also you can go for any goings-on and work with these hairs without any trouble. For more information about best hair transplant visit Dubai Hair Club .